Welcome to JapaneseMonk.com, a blog for everyone who loves Japan, Japanese nature, culture and people, who took up the challenge of learning the Japanese language, and who generally likes to see the world from the positive side.

I happily admit to belong to all these categories, plus to enjoy the adventure of travelling Japan as a vegetarian and a learn-to-meditate instructor. I am a Czech currently working most of the time in England and often travelling to the USA and Asia, mainly to Japan and South Korea.

I first visited Japan in hot July 2011, as a member of a humanitarian team that visited the Tohoku region just four months after the big earthquake and tsunami. Witnessing first hand the unbelievable destruction and at the same time, the courage and determination of the local people left an unforgettable imprint on my heart.

The team brought hundreds of gift packages made by the European, Russian and American children that we distributed at seven schools in the area affected by the tsunami. The team also met with the local people living in simple temporary shelters.

I came back to Tohoku the following year again, this time as a member of an international running team of the world’s longest relay run for peace called the Peace Run. The flaming torch carried by the team was passed from hand to hand by hundreds of local citizens and children. The peace torch thus linked people from Sendai to Miyako, along the 300 km long coast affected by the tsunami the previous year.

Since then, I had an opportunity to visit Japan every year. I have practised meditation for 23 years as a student of spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy and have the opportunity to give practical meditation classes in more than 20 countries. My Japanese friends kindly invited me to give sets of introductory learn-to-meditate classes in Tokyo and Kyoto. I would like to add that giving meditation classes is a service I do in my spare time and always free of charge. Information on my next meditation classes can be found at www.kyotoosakameisou.org.

Besides the meditation classes, I had also an unusual opportunity to give talks on ‘Inner and Outer Peace’ and ‘Self-Transcendence’ at Waseda and Musashi universities in Tokyo every year. On those occasions, I shared the experiences from my 15 years of active involvement in various peace and humanitarian activities such as the Peace Run and the Oneness-Heart-tears and Smiles.

I have started learning the Japanese language 2 years ago and the desire to share this experience and hear other people’s tips and tricks how to learn Japanese was partially the inspiration leading to writing this blog.

Please, feel free to share your own experiences of exploring Japan, enjoying the Japanese culture and learning the Japanese language. You can use comments or write an article and send it to me. I would be happy to publish it in the blog as a guest post!

ようこそ!^^Abhisar Japanese monk


Abhisar Laza

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