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The adventure of climbing Mt. Fuji

To climb the symbol of Japan, the beautifully shaped Mt. Fuji, was my dream for several years. Mt. Fuji is has been the most sacred Japanese mountain for centuries. Unlike the Europeans in Middle Ages who were afraid to climb high mountains, ancient Japanese people make pilgrimages to the summit of Mt. Fuji for at least last one thousand years. The first known ascent of Mount Fuji was by a monk in 663. This symmetric, graceful conical and usually snow capped volcano became famous throughout the world and is considered the sacred symbol of Japan. Thanks, to a great extent, to...

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How to find a Japanese teacher on

Are you looking for a professional language teacher for online lessons? The site might be the right place to look. is a platform offering online lessons with professional teachers of many world languages, including Japanese. There are other sites offering online lessons as well, such as and others, but because I have used services for two years and can say only positive things about it, I will introduce this site today. A few tips how to find a teacher on You have to register to get access to the website, but it is for...

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Sujata – my favorite vegan restaurant in Kyoto

Vegan paradise called Sujata’s Restaurant – Nest Sujata is a lovely tiny vegan restaurant located at Kyoto University area, not far from Gingaku-ji temple. It is my favourite eating place in Kyoto for both delicious, home cooking style meals and friendly atmosphere. You can enjoy a variety of Indian curries, vegetable ramen and a Japanese traditional meal set which consists of brown rice, a rich miso soup and several side dishes. Moreover, it is cheap. You can have a full set meal for around ¥1000. Opening hours: 11:30 – 18:00 on weekdays and Saturdays), 11:30 – 16:00 on Sundays...

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6 tools to learn Japanese quickly and effectively

Are you learning Japanese and don’t know which tools to use? This article will recommend websites, apps, textbooks and other learning tools that work best for me. Firstly, don’t get lost and suffocated using too many different tools. There are many great apps, websites and books to learn Japanese and more are being born every month. It is a great adventure to explore all these various ways, but unless you choose just a few of them and start studying with them seriously and in depth, you will not get anywhere. How to choose the right tools to learn Japanese? Choose...

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