Vegan paradise called Sujata’s Restaurant – Nest

Sujata is a lovely tiny vegan restaurant located at Kyoto University area, not far from Gingaku-ji temple. It is my favourite eating place in Kyoto for both delicious, home cooking style meals and friendly atmosphere.

You can enjoy a variety of Indian curries, vegetable ramen and a Japanese traditional meal set which consists of brown rice, a rich miso soup and several side dishes. Moreover, it is cheap. You can have a full set meal for around ¥1000.

sujata vegan

Image: Delicious side dishes at Sujata’s

Opening hours: 11:30 – 18:00 on weekdays and Saturdays), 11:30 – 16:00 on Sundays

Sujata, the owner, is very kind and communicative lady, who speaks both Japanese and English. Besides delicious cooking, she organises in her restaurant regular meditation classes. ‘Sujata’ is her spiritual name, which she received from her spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.

sujata veganImage: Sujata-san in front of her lovely restaurant

Sujata’s Indian style curry is often considered one of the best in Kyoto. Kyoto University’s Curry Club just published a beautiful book featuring restaurants in Kyoto that serve curry, and Sujata’s restaurant is featured there in a very nice and cute way. Enjoy and practice your Japanese at the same time!

sujata vegan

sujata vegan